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Solar Scholarship array performance: a report from CEG Chair Simon Wheeler

The GISS array was commissioned in mid December and has performed well since then. The amount of electricity generated is almost exactly as expected but with the variability of the weather from year-to-year any figure within 10% of forecast can be considered good. For monthly figures the variability can be even greater, this was born out by January’s figures with a forecast yield of 737 kilowatt hours (kWh) but an actual yield of 591 kWh, nearly 20% less. February was just about on forecast with 1191 kWh and March was 9% above forecast with 2068 kWh. So the yield for the first three months of the year is 3850 kWh, which is just about as expected. With the few days of December last year that the array was generating added in we have saved the school over 5000 kWh.

As the sun is climbing higher in the sky so the peak power produced by the array is increasing, on a bright sunny day we are frequently seeing peaks of over 18 kilowatts at solar mid-day with more than 19 kW being seen towards the end of March which is an excellent result for solar array of this size. The care that was taken during installation to ensure that all parts of the equipment were connected optimally has paid off and is a tribute to our lead installer Will Andrews and the rest of the team. 

BC Hydro re:Solar Scholarship Story

BC Hydro recently profiled the GISS Solar scholarship story. Read it here.

Monitoring Display

The public monitoring display was installed at GISS over the Spring Break. Students, staff, and the visiting public will now be able to view the energy production from the solar panels in real time. With Hydro rates up on April 1, 2015 we are now generating even more scholarship funds. Look for the display in the corner of Multiroom. Online monitoring can been found at

Bulk Purchase Survey

CEG started to collect names of people interested in a bulk purchase of solar PV equipment. We’ve recently published an online survey to gauge the interest and type of systems required. If you are looking to go solar this spring (or even later) please take a minute to fill out the survey.

PV for EV Car Share

The PV for EV Car Share study was presented at the Drake Road Affordable Housing Project's Community Information Meeting. The follow up survey showed strong support for the concept with 90% of respondents saying that it is very important for Salt Spring Island to explore low carbon transportation alternatives. In fact 61% said they would consider giving up their car if they could participate in an electric car crashare.

Solar CRD

Solar CRD and grants for hot water systems are now finished. We look forward to hearing about how the program went, and how many Salt Spring homes took advantage of the over 75 rebates issued since April 2014
Installers with GISS Solar Scholarship array
BC Hydro profiled the GISS Solar Scholarship project in March
Display monitor at GISS
Public solar monitor display at Gulf Islands Secondary
Donal Gunn PV structure for Drake Rd
PV for EV Carshare survey results look very positive
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