CamoSun Solar Hot Water at the 2013 Eco Home Tour

Although we haven’t been in touch for a while there has been much work going on behind the scenes:

On the Solar Hot Water front the good news is that there are now grants available for up to one third of the cost of equipment and installation for approved systems, potentially bringing the cost down to below $4000.  If you are interested in the idea please try and get to the Eco home demonstration on August 11thMore information below.

James Smythe - Camosun solar hot water system
James Smyth showing solar hot water panels at Camosun College

We are expecting BC Hydro’s long awaited strategy report to be published this month. This is expected to give clearer information on how they plan the net metering scheme for photovoltaics (PV) and other renewable energy sources to work over the coming years.  We are also investigating the economics of “PV for EV”, that is installing domestic level photovoltaics to provide power for home charging of electric vehicles.  There is certainly interest in this from one housing scheme on the island which is considering coupling the idea to a car share plan.

From Kjell Liem, Chairman of the SSI Community Energy Group:

“I’m sure many of you will have heard about the upcoming CRD grants for solar hot water systems, and of the new CamoSun system from Camosun College. The Salt Spring Community Energy group has been to the college to see the new system and we came away very impressed with the simplicity of what appears to be a very effective system. I have the pleasure of informing you that James Smyth, developer of this system will be visiting Saltspring Island on August 11th and is offering a limited number of free site visits.

If you are interested in making an investment in a Solar Hot Water system and would appreciate a visit from an expert to find out if the CamoSun system is suitable for your building please let me know so I can put you on his list of homes to visit. We are currently developing a list of local plumbers and solar hot water installers able for installation work, and we would like to see a coordinated approach for the best use of everyone’s time.


This is the same day of the 2013 EcoHome Tour. You can also see a demonstration of the CamoSun system at Donna Hall and Ron Watts home on Stevens Rd.

Tickets for the tour are $20 and are available at Salt Spring Books, Windsor Plywood, and Elements Home Design.”