We did it!

The Solar Scholarship project has now reached its funding goal!


And if you were in town last Saturday, you may have noticed large crates being lifted onto the GISS gym roof by Salt Spring Crane & Rigging. And if you guessed that these crates were full of solar panels, you would be right. We’re well on our way to the installation and implementation of the largest school-based solar photovoltaic array and the seventh-largest grid-tied solar installation in British Columbia!

It’s all thanks to you – a great community. Over 140 generous individuals, groups and businesses contributed during the campaign. Originally set at $60,000, we increased the fundraising goal to $63,000 once the technical team determined the gym roof could accommodate 84 panels – six more than originally planned. Businesses and service organizations that helped include Pharmasave, Windsor Plywood, Slegg Lumber, Mouat’s, Country Grocer, Thrifty’s, the Lions Club, the Mauro Family Foundation, the Saanich Gulf Islands Green Party, the local NDP Club, the 2014 GISS Reunion, the Only Planet Cabaret, the Gulf Islands Retired Teachers Association, the Salt Spring Trail and Nature Club, and the Raging Grannies. A well-deserved thank you to all!And we had some special help too. A matching fund created by Vince and Maggie Argiro doubled the value of donations made until Canada Day. Additional support was provided through the School District ‘s Carbon Neutral Capital Grant, the Salt Spring Foundation, and in-kind services provided by many professionals working on the project.With a total project cost of $106,000, additional funding came from a $20K matching grant from Bullfrog Power. Through their Bullfrog Builds Renewable Accelerator Program, they provide critical financial support for the development of new renewable energy projects across Canada.And hoisting the crates up onto the gym roof last Saturday would not have gone so smoothly were it not for the shipping and handling expertise of Ken Marr at Windsor Plywood.The next few weeks will see the panels installed with a monitoring system that will allow everyone to see how much energy the panels are producing in real-time. All will be revealed at our public launch scheduled for January 10th.