About Us

The Salt Spring Community Energy Group is a group of local citizens concerned about sustainability, encouraging renewable energy and clean technology development on Salt Spring. Our strategy includes developing partnerships with local organizations to create renewable energy projects that will inspire and educate our community to embrace renewable energy and a rapid transition to a low carbon economy.

Current members of the Community Energy Group are:

Ron Watts  (Chair) is a professional photographer and a passionate supporter of renewable energy. He and his wife Donna Hall recently completed a net-metered, super-insulated home with solar hot water, solar PV and heat pump technology. Ron is an alternate POD representative on the Emergency Commission.

Simon Wheeler left a 30-year career in transportation to take an MSc in Renewable Energy at the University of Reading.  He has since worked for Solar Century in the UK, and spent three years as technical manager in the field of solar concentration arrays.  Since moving to Salt Spring in 2010 he has been active in promoting solar energy and electric vehicles.

Steve Abbott is an engineer, inventor and overseas consultant with major aid organizations. His work spans a wide range of appropriate technologies for energy conservation, water conservation/storage/access, solar hot water and solar PV.

Kenn Danner has 35 years experience as an industrial designer and design engineer. He also runs an organic farm and is active in environmental and social justice issues.

David Denning is a science educator, naturalist, and educational film-maker who is active with the Salt Spring Conservancy and the Climate Action Council. He is a former member of the Advisory Environment Committee to the Trust.

David Elderton is a local small business owner who designs and builds high–end audio systems. He also builds and sells electric assist bikes, and maintains a small fleet of ebikes that he powers with solar power. He recently built an electric catamaran that is in daily use as a commuter boat.

Jon Healey is a retired science educator with extensive experience in elementary and secondary education and district administration.  He is active with Transition Salt Spring and Emergency Communications. He was a member of the Advisory Planning Commission and chaired the environment focus group during the OCP review.

Peter Lamb is a retired economist and electrical engineer. In the 1970’s he led a team providing public funding for renewable energy and conservation projects. Peter is a former Islands Trust Trustee where he introduced energy efficiency and climate change policies. He is a member of the SSI Community Energy Task Force, the Transition Salt Spring Enterprise Cooperative, and SSI Climate Action Council.

Kjell Liem is the owner of Saltspring Solar Ltd. a design, engineering and installation company with experience in community solar. He has lived off-grid for over a decade and has experimented with solar thermal, electrical and thermal storage, and other alternative energy technologies. Kjell was project manager for the GISS Solar Scholarship project and co-managed the PV installation. Kjell also serves on the board of the BC Sustainable Energy Association.

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