Electrify Salt Spring! Accelerating Pathways to Carbon Zero

Help us celebrate Salt Spring Community Energy’s 10 yr anniversary by attending one of our inspiring & educational events.

Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day):

Electrifying Transportation and Work on SSI – Rainbow Rd Elem. School Lot. Featuring opportunities to learn about: Electric School Buses, electric bikes, electric mobility, and passenger EVs and featuring viewing and demonstrations of emissions-free construction and gardening tools. This is Show and Tell. Bring your own devices!

Saltspring‘s First Electric Schoolbus

Friday, May 5

Artspring. The Future Is Now, presented by Quirks and Quarks Host, Bob McDonald, at ArtSpring at 7pm. Keynote of the “Electrify Salt Spring: Accelerating Pathways to Carbon Zero”, Bob discusses his latest book and how it applies to our island community.

Saturday, May 6

Coast Guard Wharf. Harbour Air’s electric float plane will make its first visit to the Gulf Islands. Views and information on other electric land public transportation an electric sailboat and other electric watercraft.

GISS Multipurpose Room.2pm  Electrifying Issues for SaltSpring and BC, Panel and public forum featuring Bob McDonald and other Electrification experts.

April 20 to May 18 (4 sessions) Electrify Salt Spring! Presentation Series

SS Library. Thursday, April 20 Monitoring your Home Energy Use and Carbon Footprint

SS Library. Thursday, April 27 Home Energy Assessments and Grants

SS Library. Thursday, May 11 Solar 101 – Yes, Local Solar Can Help Save Money and the Planet!

SS Library. Thursday, May 18 Batteries Will Help Us!

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