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Energy event ignites hot topics

Driftwood contributor on March 26, 2014

During the recent Salt Spring Film Festival, students from the GISS Environment Club provided information about the Solar Scholarship Project and the Renewable Energy Conference set for April 5. From left: Indigo Porebska-Smith, Jenna Aston, Aina Yasue, Keenan Nowak and environment club teacher/mentor, Amy Cousins.
Ron Watts | Driftwood Gulf Islands Media

What can we do in our community in response to the increasing threats of climate change?Most islanders would agree that increasing our use of renewable energy is one of the best options.

On April 5, the first Salt Spring and Gulf Islands Renewable Energy Conference will explore energy efficiency and renewable energy issues and solutions through presentations and hands-on workshops. Continue reading Energy event ignites hot topics

Update Feb, 2014

Salt Spring Community Energy Group is very active these days. One member said recently that one has to keep one’s “eye on the ball”. Things are moving quickly.

Solar Scholarship

As you might know our first major project is the GISS Solar Scholarship. An interim agreement was signed on Jan 27th with School District 64 (Gulf Islands) covering the aspects of the project presented to the Board of Education Dec 4th.

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Roof Survey Jan 10th, 2014


Will Andrews PEng, and Simon Wheeler MSC of the Community Energy Group read a shade analysis tool during a survey of the GISS Gym roof. This will provide information as to how much sunlight the Solar Scholarship PV array will receive throughout the calendar year.

Photo: Ron Watts

CamoSun Solar Hot Water at the 2013 Eco Home Tour

Although we haven’t been in touch for a while there has been much work going on behind the scenes:

On the Solar Hot Water front the good news is that there are now grants available for up to one third of the cost of equipment and installation for approved systems, potentially bringing the cost down to below $4000.  If you are interested in the idea please try and get to the Eco home demonstration on August 11thMore information below.

James Smythe - Camosun solar hot water system
James Smyth showing solar hot water panels at Camosun College

We are expecting BC Hydro’s long awaited strategy report to be published this month. This is expected to give clearer information on how they plan the net metering scheme for photovoltaics (PV) and other renewable energy sources to work over the coming years.  We are also investigating the economics of “PV for EV”, that is installing domestic level photovoltaics to provide power for home charging of electric vehicles.  There is certainly interest in this from one housing scheme on the island which is considering coupling the idea to a car share plan.

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